About LT Pridgen

I am LT Pridgen and I'm THE Candidate for Coles Board Supervisor in Prince William County. I want to represent the people of Coles District because I believe that “Until ALL of us are okay, NONE of us are okay.” Right now, far too many of us are NOT OKAY!

I have to tell you that I did not prepare my life for this office but my life has definitely prepared me for this office.

I grew up in an environment of extreme poverty and child abuse. When I say extreme poverty, I am speaking of the type of poverty in which running water and electricity were luxuries. As a child, most often the only friendly smile and kind words I heard would come from a teacher. For my brother and I, the end of a school year signaled the end of the guarantee of at least one hot meal each day. Growing up under these conditions, it was my belief that I was born to serve and my desire to make a difference in the life of others that gave me the strength to persevere and overcome.

It is that same passion and determination that I will bring to the Board of Supervisors to fight for residents of Coles District and Prince William County as a whole. As Supervisor, I will work with my fellow Supervisors and other local officials to address the critical issues impacting the residents of Prince William County in the areas of Education, Economic Development and Transportation.

Prince William is the most balanced ethnically diverse county in Virginia and it is time that our Board of Supervisors reflected this diversity. A wise woman once said that the people closest to the pain should also be the closest to the power. Nowadays there are a lot of talks about ensuring that everyone has “a seat at the table”. For me, this is not about just speaking the right words, it’s about taking the right action to guarantee that the voice of EVERY resident in Prince William County, is echoed by our Board of Supervisors. This is why I am working to be “The Voice We Need for the Progress We Deserve!”